Creating Custom Email Templates Osticket

Creating custom email templates in osTicket allows you to personalize and standardize the m

Upgrading osTicket to the Latest Version

Upgrading osTicket to the latest version ensures you have access to new features, improveme

Installing osTicket on a Local Server (e.g., XAMPP or WAMP) for testing

Installing osTicket on a local server, such as XAMPP or WAMP, for testing purposes allows y

Adding Custom Fields to Forms in osticket

Adding custom fields to forms in osTicket allows you to collect specific information from c

Configuring SMTP and Email Fetching in osticket

Configuring SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending outgoing emails and email fetc

Creating and managing staff accounts in osTicket

Creating and managing staff accounts in osTicket is essential for assigning responsibilitie

OsTicket Change Logo and favicon

Changing Logo and favicon is our basic need to host the osticket.

Create ticket from email - osTicket

This is one of the primary features of osTicket.  It involves setting up your email account and a

How to Enable osTicket knowledgebase?

osTicket knowledgebase is a great functionality used to store easily retrievable information abou